Stuck on what to post on social media? Well you’re not alone! I get asked questions about this a lot and it’s an area that a lot of small businesses struggle with.

There are a lot of factors that can contribute to your social media plan: the format, time of day and frequency should be considered, but first and foremost it’s all about the content.

What content is best?

This depends entirely on your audience. When thinking about the best things to post on social media, you should ask yourself:

  • What do my audience want to see?
  • What content is of most value to them?
  • What content would help solve their problems?

You should also consider what your objectives are:

  • Do you want to drive clicks to your website?
  • Do you want to target likes?
  • Do you want to use social media for customer service?
  • Do you want to post content that will enhance the perception of your brand?

Always have these factors in mind when thinking about what social media content to produce.

For example, if you want to drive clicks to your website then you need to create a piece of content on your website that offers value to your customers. This may be a blog with some advice that’s relevant to what you offer. You can then share this blog on social media as a link preview card with a suitable caption:

Or you might want to target awareness and showcase your product or service by sharing a video that you’re audience will love:

So what works for you?

Jot down some information below and we’ll send you 5 social media post ideas. No strings attached.

Posted by:Mark Flint

Mark's an experienced digital marketer and graphic designer. He's worked with numerous brands in a variety of industries – from food to property – and set up FLINT Marketing in 2015 to work with small businesses.

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